Getting help from your local doctor, hospital, dentist and optician, for young people with SEND.

Information guide

The Council for Disabled Children has an pdf information guide that explains some of the words or terms you may come across about your health (834 KB) .


Make an appointment to see your doctor if you're not feeling well or happy. Find your local doctor Go to (opens new window).

If you're aged 14 and over with a learning disability, you can get a free annual health check.

If you're aged 16 and over, you can use the doctors online services. There's an easy read on the NHS website that explains what online services is and how to access it Go to (opens new window)

If you're aged 18 and over with a learning disability, you can ask the Community Learning Disabilities Team to help you get an appointment with the doctors and the hospital Go to (opens new window).

If you have an urgent medical problem and are not sure what to do, call the free NHS number 111. The video on their website explains when and how to use the free NHS number Go to (opens new window).  There is also information on the Bristol NHS website Go to (opens new window).

If you're in school you can get help with your physical and emotional health from School Health Nurses. They'll help your school to give support with medical conditions. They can also give advice to you and your family about health and healthy lifestyles.


If you have been referred to hospital by your doctor, make sure they know about your disability. This will help them make the right adjustments for you. You can ask your doctor to tell them for you, or you can call them directly. 

If you have a learning disability you can get a Hospital Passport, which helps hospital staff understand your individual needs. Find out about hospital passports Go to (opens new window) on the Mencap website.

Contact The Bristol Learning disabilities nursing team Go to (opens new window) who will support you whilst you're in hospital. Contact them before you go into hospital, so they can be there to meet you when you arrive.  


It's important to get regular check-ups at your dentist, to make sure your mouth, teeth and gums are healthy. 

Find out more and search for your local dentist on the Bristol NHS website Go to (opens new window).

NHS England has an easy read guide about going to the dentist Go to (opens new window).

You may be able to get extra help at the dentist. The Community Dental Service Go to (opens new window) provides dental care for people who cannot go to a local dentist because of additional needs or disabilities.

Check if you can get help at the dentist Go to (opens new window).


Regular eye tests at your optician will make sure that you have healthy eyes and get any treatment you might need. 

Find out more and search for your local optician Go to (opens new window) at the Bristol NHS website.

You may be able to get free eye tests. Check if you are eligible for free eye tests Go to (opens new window) on the NHS website.

If you have a learning disability, See Ability have a search engine to find opticians who work with people with learning disabilities Go to (opens new window).