You can bring hazardous waste, including asbestos, to a household waste recycling centre where we'll dispose of it safely.

We take all typical household hazardous waste, including thermometers, liquids, chemicals, petrol, medicines, paints and flares.

It's best to check before bringing anything unusual as we may need to treat it in a special way or store it safely.


You need to take asbestos to a household waste recycling centre. First contact us on 0117 922 2100 to check if there is space in our skip for your asbestos.

Only three sheets or three 25kg bags of bonded asbestos will be accepted per visit or per week, whichever is the less.

You need to:

  • try to remove asbestos in whole sheets
  • wrap each sheet twice in heavy-duty polythene and seal with tape
  • use two bags for smaller pieces

We won't take asbestos that isn't wrapped. We do not provide a collection service for asbestos.

If you're removing sheet materials then leave them in whole sheets. If they're dry then spray them with water whilst you pack them away to avoid dust from rising, then double bag them in polythene.

If you're employing a builder, it's their responsibility to take care of the waste if they've created it. Do not dispose of it for them. Make sure they include the cost of disposing the asbestos in their quote.

You can employ a specialist asbestos contractor to do the work for you.

Find out more about working with asbestos at the HSE website.