If you're pregnant, you can get a free swimming pass for any council pool in Bristol.

This is a fantastic opportunity to maintain your fitness and relax during your pregnancy at all council pools.

The pass is available for the duration of your pregnancy.

How to apply

You need to contact your local swimming pool for details of their offer.

  • You will need to take your proof of address (eg: bank statement, household bill) and  maternity prescription exemption card with you to your local centre - this proves your eligibility for the scheme.
  • You will also need a form of identification e.g. passport, driving licence.
  • You will need to complete a short application form at the centre
  • Have your picture taken - when you hand in your completed application a member of staff may take your photo on site to use for future recognition.

Free swims are available at the following pools:

Terms and conditions for free swimming for pregnant women

  • Free swims do not extend to aqua fitness classes or lessons.
  • You can receive free swims during family swim times, but must pay for any family members you bring with you.
  • Photographs will only be used for identification purposes and will not be shared with any third parties.

Post natal exercise

A range of post natal activities are available at our sports and leisure centres to maintain and improve your fitness. Ask at your local sports and leisure centre what classes are available.

Further help

If you have any questions regarding free swims for pregnant women please call your local centre.