There is storage for mobility scooters at 11 of our supported housing schemes.

Apply for mobility scooter storage

You can apply for mobility scooter storage if you:

  • use a mobility scooter
  • live in one of the schemes that has storage spaces
  • agree to only use your storage space to store and charge your mobility scooter

You can apply if you have outstanding debts, but we won't offer you a space until you clear them.

Apply for mobility scooter storage

We have a limited number of mobility scooter storage spaces.  

If there isn't a free space at your scheme, we'll add your name to a waiting list and let you know when one is available. Places are given in the order that we receive applications.

Where we have mobility scooter storage

Supported housing schemes with mobility scooter storage:

  • Butler House, St George

  • Butterworth Court, Inns Court

  • Chichester House, St Anne's

  • Condor House, Lockleaze

  • Field View, Easton

  • Haweswater, Southmead

  • Jim O'Neill House, Shirehampton

  • Padmore Court, Redfield

  • Parbrook Court, Whitchurch

  • Rosevear, Newtown

  • Studland Court, Henleaze

How much a storage space costs

The cost of a storage space depends on the site. We'll let you know the exact price when we get back to you. There's  a rent increase in April every year.

If you miss a payment call us on 0117 922 2000 as soon as possible. If you don't pay your storage space rent, we may repossess your space.

What you can use the storage space for

You can only use a storage space to store and charge your mobility scooter. You may not store anything else there.


We accept no responsibility for theft or damage to any scooter. You should arrange your own insurance cover if you want it.

What to do if you lose your key

You can get a new key for £10 at our Citizen Service Point.

Tell us about problems

If you have problems with your storage, call us on 0117 922 2200.

Let us know straight away if it opens or closes more slowly than normal. The battery may be flat and won't charge your scooter.

Ending your storage tenancy

Give us one week's notice in writing before 12noon on a Monday. Send your letter to either Estates North or Estates South, PO Box 595, Bristol, BS99 2AW. You can also take your letter to our Citizen Service Point.

At the end of the period of notice you must:

  • remove your belongings
  • return the keys to our Citizen Service Point
  • pay all rent due

When we may ask you to give up the space

We can end your storage tenancy if:

  • you don't pay your rent
  • you break the tenancy agreement
  • we redevelop the site
  • repairs aren't cost effective
  • you don't use it

We'll send you a letter explaining why. This is called a Notice to Quit. You must vacate your storage space in one week.