Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

You’ll get support in different ways from our Housing Support Advisers, from social activities to regular contact.

Housing Support Advisers

One of our team of Housing Support Advisers will:

  • make sure that schemes are welcoming for you and your visitors

  • contact you at least once a week

  • let you know about relevant services and benefits

  • suggest ways you could become part of the community

  • suggest activities you might enjoy

Their duties do not include:

  • collecting prescriptions, pensions, shopping, cleaning or laundry

  • giving medication, providing personal care or changing dressings

  • dealing with anti-social behaviour

  • reporting any repairs required to your accommodation

  • responding to you being locked out

Designated Housing Support Adviser

Each scheme also has a Designated Housing Support Adviser who will:

  • talk to you about your needs

  • arrange further support if you need it

  • make sure that your information is kept up to date

  • let our Emergency Control Centre know about any changes