Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

A range of equipment that can help you live in your own home safely.

Most of this equipment is designed to help you live independently, but some equipment can alert a carer if you have a problem.

Examples of electronic equipment

  • Magi-plug stops the bath overflowing
  • Memo-Minder helps forgetful people by providing reminders when you walk past
  • Bed/chair occupancy sensor
  • Night light which switches on when you get out of bed 
  • Temperature sensor

Check our pdf catalogue (482 KB)  to see what's available.

How to get technology enabled care solutions

Buy your own

You can buy your own electronic aids direct from Bristol Careline on 0117 922 3269.

Many people prefer to buy privately, rather than wait for funding from us.

Get them from us

If you're eligible for a service from us, we might be able to supply your technology enabled care. Contact us using our Care Direct contact and referral form or call 0117 922 2700.

Personal alarm and sensors

If you want to be able to call for help if you have an emergency, find out more about Bristol Careline.