Who can apply for free companion travel and how to apply

Who can apply

You can apply if you're unable to :

  • travel on public transport for the whole journey without help from a companion
  • walk to a bus stop and get on or off a bus without help


If you dont have a travel card you can ask for a companion card when you apply for a:

If you do have a travel card and you feel that you need help to travel fill in our pdf companion form (89 KB) .

What you need to know

You'll need medical evidence that you need help to travel. Your GP may charge you for this. We can't reimburse you if they do. 

Your companion must travel with you for the whole journey. They dont need to come with you every time.

Free travel for your companion may not be available outside of Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset and North Somerset. You must check with the area you're travelling in.

Free travel for a companion will be added to your bus pass. You won't get a separate bus pass for your companion.