How to transfer a premises licence.

You can transfer a premises licence at any time. This could happen if you sell or lease your premises to a new owner.

Transferring a premises licence:

  • only changes who the new premises licence holder is
  • does not change the licence in any other way

The new premises licence holder must fill in the application to transfer the licence. Only the current licence holder can give consent to transfer a premises licence.

You must be over 18 to apply.

Entitlement to work

If you apply as an individual to transfer a premises licence, you must provide proof you're eligible to work in the UK. 

See Licence and Immigration Act 2016 for information on the Immigration Act 2016 and the documents we accept for proof of residence.

Apply online to transfer a premises licence 

Apply to transfer a premises licence 
on the GOV.UK website

You'll also need to complete the consent to transfer form Go to (opens new window) on GOV.UK

You'll need a debit or credit card.

Other ways to apply

Fill in and return:

You'll also need to send a copy of the premises licence transfer application to:

  • the Chief Officer of Police, Licensing, First Floor, PO Box 3119, Bristol, BS1 9GG
    • or you hand can in your copy in person at:  Avon and Somerset Constabulary The Bridewell, 1-2 Bridewell Street, Bristol, BS1 2AA 
  • Home Office Immigration Enforcement, Alcohol Licensing Team, Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road
    Croydon, CR9 2BY

If you cannot get consent from the previous licence holder

If you cannot get consent from the previous licence holder, you need to tell us what steps you've taken to try to get consent.

Steps could include:

  • writing to the previous licence holder's last known address
  • emailing them
  • asking your solicitor to contact them or get a forwarding address
  • phoning the previous licence holder

You'll need to give evidence of these steps.

If the previous licence holder has died, become incapacitated or insolvent, the licence may have lapsed.

The licence can be reinstated if an application to transfer is submitted within 28 days of one of these events. 

Who is liable for annual fees

Once a transfer application has taken effect, the new premises licence holder becomes responsible for paying the annual fees associated with a premises licence.

If you've applied to transfer a premises licence and become the new premises licence holder, you should discuss any annual fees which accrued before the date the transfer took effect with the previous licence holder, to make sure these are paid.

If you've sold your licensed premises and given consent for the premises licence transfer, and the transfer application is not considered valid for any reason, you'll still be the premises licence holder. You'll still be responsible for paying annual licence fees until a valid transfer application is received and takes effect.


There's a fee of £23 to transfer a premises licence.

How to pay

If you apply online, you pay directly with a debit or credit card.

If you apply by post, you pay by cheque or postal order made payable to Bristol City Council.

Tacit consent

Tacit consent applies to transfer of premises licences.

You can assume your application has been granted after the 14 day consultation period has ended, unless you've heard from us that there have been representations from the police.