The type of street light faults you can report and how to report them.

Delay to fixing some streetlights

If a streetlight has a cable fault, then there will be a delay in fixing this.

This is because cable faults are the responsibility of National Grid and we're unable to make repairs on these cables.

What you can report

Let us know if you see a street light:

  • flickering
  • still on in the day
  • not on at night

What you'll need 

It will be useful if you upload a photo of the problem from your smartphone or tablet/iPad. You can take a photo when you get to that part of the form.

You only need to report a faulty street light once. Don't make duplicate reports. It normally takes up to 20 working days to fix a streetlight. More complex issues, such as cable faults, can take up to six weeks to fix.

Report a problem with a street light online

Pick the exact location of the street light on the map so we can find it and fix the problem.

Follow these tips:

  • use a postcode, street name, or let your device find your location
  • pin the location on the map
  • yellow dots showing the exact location of the street lights will appear
  • select the exact street light you want to report to us

Report a problem with a street light 

If you see a street light that is likely to cause injury because of damage to the post or door, or the light cover is hanging off, call:

  • 0117 922 2100, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 6pm
  • 0117 922 2050, all other times

Street lights and trees

If the street light is being blocked by a tree or hedge, report it using the report a problem with a tree form.