Information about the Bristol Transport Strategy and Shared Mobility Position Statement.

The pdf Bristol Transport Strategy (8.50 MB)  was adopted in July 2019, after a public consultation in autumn 2018.

Our vision for Bristol is to be a well-connected city that enables people to move around efficiently with increased transport options that are accessible and inclusive to all. 

The Bristol Transport Strategy sets out how we’ll:

  • improve transport to meet increased demand from the growth in housing, jobs and regeneration
  • create an inclusive transport system that provides realistic transport options for everyone
  • create healthy places that promote active transport, improve air quality and improve road safety
  • make better use of our streets to enable more efficient journeys 
  • enable more reliable journeys by minimising the negative impact of congestion
  • support sustainable growth by enabling efficient movement of people and goods, reducing carbon emissions and embracing new technology

Shared Mobility Position Statement

Our pdf Shared Mobility Position Statement (2.34 MB)  sets out an initial framework for how shared mobility can contribute to meeting transport and wider health, employment and environmental objectives.

Our position statement is not fixed policy and will be adapted over time as we learn more about existing and future shared mobility models.

The position statement sets out:

  • guidance for suppliers looking to work with Bristol City Council to deliver shared mobility modes in the city
  • the process for engaging with the council as well local policy considerations
  • a high level summary of the benefits and drawbacks of different shared mobility models in relation to city objectives