Bristol's parking strategy

We control all on-street and most off-street public parking in the city centre.

We also control the three park and ride sites at:

  • Brislington
  • Long Ashton
  • the Portway

We have little direct control of public parking outside the centre, but have established many local area shoppers' car parks.

Our parking strategy is based on the following objectives:

  • Reduce unnecessary use of private cars especially in the city centre.
  • Enhance the vitality of the city.
  • Encourage alternative modes of transport.
  • Guide appropriate scale, location and standards for all private and public parking, including branding of all city parking.

For more information on our parking strategy see Local Transport Plans.

Annual parking reports

We are required to produce an annual parking report, under the requirements of the Traffic Management Act 2004.

We are also asked to make available reports associated to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. These are listed below.

Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London (PATROL) Adjudication Joint Committee

We are a member of this joint committee. You can look at annual accounts and other documents at tha PATROL website.