Delivering digital services that our users and citizens expect and deserve.

Our  pdf Digital Strategy 2022 to 2027 (3.76 MB) sets out a five-year plan to renew our digital platforms and to build and mature our capabilities.

It’s built around four core ambitions:

  1. Easy, engaging, and inclusive
  2. Simple, stable, and secure
  3. Well-used and used well
  4. Ready to partner, willing to share, and able to innovate

The documents supporting the Digital Strategy went to the June 2022 Cabinet to seek approval of the Digital Strategy.

The supporting documents went to the July 2022 Cabinet for the allocation of funds to Digital Transformation Programme.

The decisions pathway report details the components needed to build on the current IT platforms to ensure a modern, secure, flexible and service-aligned IT service in support of the Corporate Strategy and business drivers and outcomes.