Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

The steps we take to manage unauthorised encampments

Step 1

One to two working days

  • We visit the group, notify them of the trespass and carry out welfare assessments.
  • We offer the group the use of a council owned  transit site if available and appropriate.
  • The group is visited by neighbourhood police team.

Step 2

Five to ten working days

  • We make referrals in response to information from the welfare assessments.
  • We make  referrals to Bristol Waste to arrange for bins to be provided.
  • We  send a written report to the land owner for them to start legal proceedings.

Step 3

Five to six weeks

  • The council department responsible for the land makes a referral to the council legal team.
  • The legal department prepare a case and request a hearing date at the county court for a possession order. Average wait time can be 4 to 6 weeks.
  • A county court summons is issued to the group at least two days before the court case.

Step 4

One to two working days

  • Once granted security services visit the group and instruct them to leave by serving the possession order.

Step 5

  • If the group does not leave, we can return to county court to ask for a warrant for county court bailiffs to visit.
  • This can also be increased to a High Court Writ which can lead to prosecution.