What liveable neighbourhoods are and why we want them, our first pilot area, the Bristol Liveable Neighbourhoods handbook.

Liveable neighbourhoods are areas of a city that are improved to be people-centred and more ‘liveable'.

They're safe, healthy, inclusive, and attractive places where everyone can breathe clean air, have access to better quality green spaces and safe spaces to play, and feel a part of a community.

The improvements in a liveable neighbourhood aim to make it easier to catch a bus and to walk or cycle, with improved infrastructure and less through traffic.

Designing changes with the local community means they'll meet local needs, this is known as co-design.

The improvements can be small scale and easy to install, such as:

  • planting trees
  • providing more benches
  • community activity spaces
  • cross points
  • better lighting

East Bristol liveable neighbourhood pilot project

The East Bristol project is the first liveable neighbourhood pilot in Bristol. It'll look at how to reduce ‘rat-running', speeding and make your streets safer. This'll give you the confidence to walk and cycle more regularly.

We're starting our pilot project in East Bristol and need to know how you want to make where you live better.

The pilot area in is Barton Hill and parts of Redfield and St George, south of Church Road and north of the River Avon.

To look at how we could make your neighbourhood more ‘liveable' we need to understand how you use local streets and spend your time in the area. This'll help us understand whether your streets allow you to do things you like doing, and how their use may change in the future.

We want to understand what works and what doesn't. We need to hear from residents, local groups, businesses and schools.

Get involved on the East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood website.

The Liveable Neighbourhoods handbook

The Liveable Neighbourhoods handbook is for:

  • the public
  • local councillors
  • stakeholder groups

The handbook gives an overview of the design and engagement principles of Liveable Neighbourhoods. It's a living document that will be updated to incorporate learnings from:

  • our pilot project in East Bristol
  • the second pilot as it comes forward
  • examples from across the country

In the handbook, we set out a clear and consistent description of Liveable Neighbourhoods. This can help local councillors and communities to have informed conversations about these projects, and whether they're appropriate for their local areas.

The handbook is not intended to be used by groups to develop proposals for a Liveable Neighbourhood in their area without council input. It provides clarity on the necessary conditions for successful projects, to help set expectations and lay the foundations for how projects can be progressed.

Read the pdf Liveable Neighbourhoods handbook (210 KB) .